My goal, like so many is to create a healthy balanced lifestyle, one unique to me and my family.  In 2017, I started B with a good friend to share our journey as we became new mothers and made some big life changes.  As we went through it all, we wanted to stay present and happy and to remember to be grateful for our lives as they are; which is sometimes easier said then done.  We also wanted to figure out the real, who we are, and challenged ourselves to share with you  our actions to find that.  It led to a site filled with so many wonderful topics but eventually only a few stuck around.  We had found our groove, and because of this  Jenny moved on to a whole new adventure that she didn’t even know was her next step. I, Jess, settled into my new found groove with B : and started filling it with all the things, I found I’m most passionate about.  It’s not that they weren’t always something I loved to do, I just have a tendency to love so much that I didn’t know how to narrow it down to a few things that brought me the most joy.  Now, when you visit B : you’ll find a place that is still filled with intentions to B : in the moment, and to B : happy as you are today but also with the things that help me stay in line with those intentions.

Food, wine, entertaining, and giving back are those things that when I do them, they bring me joy and fuel my days.  They make me a better mother, a better friend, and a better wife.  I would say food and gifts are my love languages to others.  Almost everything that you find here, will be something simple to make or do.  The thought is that it’s a Not so Martha Stewart Lifestyle with every intention of keeping the beauty that she creates without the complexity.  Food and wine can elevate each other, and in turn elevate your experience.  They can take a simple night with family and move it to that night you’ll never forget.  The smallest details added with a beautiful menu, like how the chairs are arranged or simply adding lit candles to a table, can stimulate warm feelings and create an environment ready for sharing and laughter. When it comes to the menu, I’ve come to know that pairing does not have to be hard nor do you need to be an expert and I want everyone else to be able to make an experience out of every sip and every bite like I have learned to do.  I appreciate so many more wines, and so much more food but I’m not a wine connoisseur or a world renowned chef so you could do it too.

To sum it all up, here at B : you’ll find recipes, pairings, wine and other gifts that give back to non profits around the world, and all the entertaining secrets I can muster up to share with you.  We’re pairing every day meals and snacks with beautiful wines and big charitable impact.  The foods are typically basic and simple, and most often vegetarian but sometimes pescatarian.  Let me know if there’s something more you would like to see and please reach out with any and all comments.  I want to get to know others through this journey so don’t be shy!

B : means something different to everyone:

B : Martha Stewart B : giving B : in the moment B : a foodie B : a health nut B : present B : mommy B : a wino B : ok with where you’re at B : happy

B : you

You decide what you need to B : today.  That was our biggest aha.  We’re not coming up with a long term solution to life and it’s struggles.  We are taking each day for what it is and what we need.


I am a first and foremost a mother to a beautiful boy, Asher and a little lady named Micki.  I’m so blessed to be able to spend my days at home with them. Their father, Joe, is the love of my life.  I’ve spent much of my life trying to be aware of the why in everything, and then of course using the information to perfectly plan my entire life.  What I’ve learned from meeting Joe and then having Asher and Micki, is that the most amazing things can’t always be imagined or planned.

A few basic things about me are that I am a lover of animals, champagne should always be stocked, cold brew coffee can be drank all year round, and it IS possible to OVERTHINK everything!

I’ve been in the service and people industry my entire life.  I started a baby sitting club when I was young and it’s all history from there.  Marketing, Event Planning, and Psychology/Coaching are my specialty areas that I’ve been formally trained in and have practiced over the years.  In 2017, I stumbled upon an opportunity to sell wine through ONEHOPE that gives back to charity in a big way. This opportunity allowed me to pull together everything that I’m so passionate about which you see here at B. It’s just another one of those things, I couldn’t have dreamt up but it was waiting to fall into my lap at just the right time. My training and development in the world of wine started in the restaurant business and is growing everyday with ONEHOPE, courses and my own individual efforts.

I’m excited for what we are doing here at B : because it’s a challenge to me to live out all of my passions.  It will also challenge me to put my self esteem and self care on spot light, think positive in every moment, and always believe that that if you focus on the good today the rest will come tomorrow.

So that’s me in a nut shell! Hopefully at some point, I’ll get to know you too!

Love, Jess