Our goal, like so many is to create a healthy balanced lifestyle, one unique to us and our families. Here, we share with you our passions, hobbies, struggles, and aha moments because sharing with others is a way to connect and stay commited to what we’re trying to accomplish. We also want to be a resource to others and share things we believe in, great finds, and things that make us feel good; wine that gives back, recipes we enjoy making, food pairings that make us smile, and brands we find that are socially conscious that make shopping feel so good! The list goes on and on.

B : means something different to everyone:

B : Martha Stewart B : giving B : in the moment B : a foodie B : a health nut B : present B : mommy B : a wino B : ok with where you’re at B : happy

B : you

You decide what you need to B : today.  That was our biggest aha.  We’re not coming up with a long term solution to life and it’s struggles.  We are taking each day for what it is and what we need.

If this is the first time your are stopping by, here’s a quick intro to Jess and Jenn.

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A little about us?

Our men are best friends, and we quickly became just as close… like on day 1!  We have so much in common and our lives seem to stay in similar stages.  Like our little boys who are just 7 months a part and now our youngest are just 2 months apart! Our quest to live life in the moment, be ok with the unpredictable and unplanned, and to be happy every second possible sparked the creation of B :  Some days we’re successful at it and some days, we completely and utterly fail but as we learn from each up and down, and share with each other, we think maybe others can relate too?  Maybe, the more we talk through what were trying to do and share our stories, the more we’ll start learning and hearing from others.  So here we are, that’s where B : started.   We’re hoping that you are able to get to know us through the stories we share, and we’re hoping to get to know you too through your comments and messages!  This is a day to day journey to being the best us we can be, and we hope you join us.


Hi, I’m Jess!  I am a mother to a beautiful boy, Asher and a little lady Micki.  Their father, Joe, is the love of my life.  I’ve spent much of my life trying to be aware of the why in everything, and then of course using the information to perfectly plan my entire life.  What I learned from meeting Joe and then having Asher and Micki, is that the most amazing things can’t always be imagined or planned.  There is something to learn from every moment, right?

A few basic things about me are that I am a lover of animals, champagne should always be stocked, cold brew coffee can be drank all year round, and it IS possible to OVERTHINK everything!

I’m excited for what we are doing here at B : because it’s a challenge to me to live out all of my passions.  It will also challenge me to put my self esteem and self care on spot light, think positive in every moment, and always believe that that if you focus on the good today the rest will come tomorrow.

I’ve been in the service and people industry my entire life.  I started a baby sitting club when I was young and it’s all history from there.  Marketing, Event Planning, and Psychology/Coaching are my specialty areas that I’ve been trained in and have practiced over the years.  B : is the outlet we’ve created to capitalize on all of our talents.  I can’t wait to use my talents to make B : a community full of inspiration and successes of all individuals involved!

So that’s me in a nut shell!  Check out my bio blog for a deeper dive into who I am.  Hopefully at some point, I’ll get to know you too!

Love, Jess


Hi, I am Jenn. I am a mother of two wonderful baby boys, Cooper and James. I am lucky enough to call Scott my baby daddy, husband and best friend. These three boys are my whole world #boymom! I consider myself very blessed and lucky to be exactly where I am at in life.  The birth of my children has been teaching me so much, but most of all to be present in every day.  They’ve taught me to stop worrying about the past and future and just B: in the moment.  This is much easier said than done for a Type A personality. Shauna Niequist says it beautifully when she says, “Present Over Perfect” and that is what I strive for, because frankly no one is perfect and you can waste so much time trying to be.

The reader’s digest version of Jenn is that I am pretty simple. Being a mom is the hardest, most rewarding role I have ever been in.  I absolutely I love it! I married my best friend in Mexico and we had the perfect wedding. My mom is my lifeline.  I have 3 sisters, so I am well versed in all things girl.  On top of all of that, I am a full-time Accountant, super part-time makeup artist, and hey now a blogger.  I would consider health and fitness to be my hobby because I truly enjoying being active, learning new workouts and finding new ways to live the healthiest life for me and my family.   I love to laugh and I hope to make others smile with a joke, that is probably funnier to me than others. I love all things fall, people that know me get annoyed because I talk about how excited for fall I am…. in the spring. Target, wine, yoga pants, The Bachelor, chips, salsa, candles and a low key night in watching Game of Thrones are among all of the things that make me the happiest!

So after all of that, what does B: mean to me and why am I on this journey? I recently had an “ah-ha” moment (this is a story for another time) that opened my eyes. I was not living in the moment and I was constantly waiting for the next life event to happen to full-fill me. I have lived my life striving to reach my next goal never truly enjoying the current season of life I am in. After having children and entering my 30’s,  I now I realize I need to relax and embrace the season I am in and just B:. So here I am!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Love, Jenn