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Fundraising Opportunities

Do you want to host a virtual fundraiser?? Send us a message and see if we can help raise money for your favorite cause!!  ONEHOPE gives back 50% of it’s profits to different charities and if you host a fundraiser, we can give an additional 10% back to a charity of your choice too!

Here are the fundraisers open currently with discounts on 1/2 case, full case, and gift sets that all give back an additional 10% to the hosts charity!!

PNC Rescue (Peke and Chin) – Volunteer ran and located mainly in the upper midwest.  I’ve personally fostered for this rescue and they go above and beyond to take care of every single pup that comes to them.  Click here to support with your purchase

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue – This local (to MN) rescue is a very small non profit and every little bit counts.  They only take in the dogs that they can handle and every one gets the attention they need, even if they don’t have the funding they need.  Click here to support them with your purchase