Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Welcome to B: by jess and jenn

Welcome to B: by jess and jenn

Hi Friends,

We are glad to have you here and welcome to B: by jess and jenn. We would like to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to read our blog and being part of what we love to do.

So what is B: ?

To state it simply, it’s a lifestyle blog and online community focused on the good in life.

However, that’s just too simple, because it’s so much more.  B: is a reminder to ourselves to always look for the good in life, take care of ourselves, love ourselves as we are, and embrace all of our passions!  When we do this, we suddenly find that we have the right energy to get through all that life throws at us. Turning the focus inward to positively impact our output in life. We are moms, makeup artists, wanna-be-philanthropists, wine dealers, event specialists, part time Marketing associates, full time accountants, wives, and so much more.  Phew!!  Most importantly we are real women with real lives and struggles trying to make a difference in the world.

We strongly believe that giving back and sharing a piece of our journey through stories, pictures and events is a way to make a difference even if one person can find an impact from these outlets.  Have you heard that you can’t desire more at the same time that you are grateful for what you have? In a world where happiness is often defined by what we have and how we look, we decided it was important to us to start focusing on what makes us happy right here and right now.

Our vision for B: is to create a sanctuary for anyone who wants to B: exactly who you are.  It’s a place for you to share your story or share something as simple as what brings you joy each day.  By sharing daily, positive stories and finding the good, we can find our happy today.  Whatever that might be to you. You can share by just saying it out loud to yourself, post a comment on a blog, you could even send us a message!  Heck, maybe you even want to write a blog, just let us know, maybe we could feature your story! There are no comparisons and no judgement at B: just acceptance and love for all the beautiful individuals.

It took us many years in life to finally embrace the idea that if we B: in every moment and truly B: ourselves and accepting of whoever that is today, that we will B: just fine.  So much of our lives were at one point focused on some, “when I get there” goal that we truly missed a lot of the special life we’ve been given and blessed with.  Within that want or need for more, is the creation of anxieties, feelings of being overwhelmed, and worry.  So although we are true believers in diet, exercise, nature, and sleep fueling overall health; we muddied the waters with negative talk and that destroys all of your momentum toward a healthy mind, body, and life very quickly.  Maybe it’s when our sons were born but somewhere along the lines, we said no more.  “How do we become this happy, relaxed, passionate, successful person we’re trying to be?” Just B: you; right now.  And there it was. So simple!

B: can and will be whatever you need it to be. It’s ever changing!  We have lots of passions and have found a way to incorporate them all in one place and we are so excited to start this journey!!! We figure if nothing else, we come out better people for doing it.  It’s a simple concept but is easier said than done.  Sharing with you will be our accountability to live the life we preach.  We’ve already found ourselves saying to each other, “is that really a B: mindset?!?”

There is something for everyone here and at the very least we always have wine!  Now, who is ready to join us on this journey?

We leave you with this thought “Put extra focus on the things that give you your biggest smile. When you start embracing your passions you start living your best life!” Now go and just B: you!


Your friends,

Jess and Jenn

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