Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back

Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back

It’s that time of year and holiday gift giving is right around the corner.  I don’t know about you but I love giving gifts! What I love even more is getting my shopping done early in the season.  I try my best to personalize gifts specifically for each person, wrap them up pretty and place them under the tree until it’s gift time.  Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than seeing a Christmas tree full of lights filled with presents.

The best feeling to me about giving a gift is being able to make the people I care about feel special.  What’s even better is when your gift giving is able to reach out to other’s in need and make them feel special too!  Remember that buying gifts is a luxury that many go without each holiday season. Let’s be more consciousness of how we are spending our money and make a difference in lives that really need it this holiday season!

Here is a list of holiday gift idea’s that give back to charity with each purchase!


Coffee is usually a crowd pleaser! I know it is in our household. Coffee makes a cute stocking stuffer for a significant other or a gift for co-worker that you know loves their coffee in the morning!

A fun idea to is to pair your coffee with a cute coffee mug! Who doesn’t love being curled up on the couch with a fun coffee mug.  Target’s Clay Art tapered mugs are my favorite this season!

Winter Hat or Scarf

Living in the midwest winter gear is a must have. Let’s be honest, one can never own too many scarves or beanies.  This is why it makes a great gift! 

  • Love Your Melon is a great company and local here in MN! 50% of all profit go to the fight against pediatric cancer. They have a wide variety of stocking caps and scarves for adults and kids. To check out their story and shop click here. 
My Love Your Melon beanie is my winter staple!

Hand Wash and Body Wash

Bear with me… hand wash for a gift?  Think about it paired with a cute dish towel or hand towel. Adorable!  This would make for the perfect gift for a teacher, daycare provider or a gift for the dice game. Body wash makes for a great stocking stuffer too!

  • Raw Sugar Living offers a  hand wash, body wash or bar soap only found at Target. I must add that the Vanilla Bean and Sugar is my favorite. Each purchase donates a bar of soup to a family in need.  This may sound like a small gesture but someone who isn’t used to having the luxury of soap, it can mean the world.

Beauty and Self Care Products

Beauty and self-care products always make for a good addition to a gift when you feel like your gift needs that extra something.  It is an easy stocking stuffer, secret santa gift or sister gift.

  • The brand YES TO found at Target donates a portion of their profit to the Seed Fund.  This fund goes towards giving women the tools to live a happier and healthier life. I love their face masks! This has been my go to gift for my girlfriends over the last year.  It makes a great addition to any gift and everyone needs a little self-care.

Something for the Little Ones

I have to throw in something for those cute little ones too! Cute bibs, sippy cups, plates, bowls or silverware can be fun for the kiddos and functional for the parents.  It’s the perfect gift for new parents.

  • Cheeky baby is a company that is in partnership with No Kid Hungry. Each purchase of a Cheeky Baby product gives a meal to a child in need in US. They have unique and fun designs for their products! We love the bib is our household!


What’s the holiday season without a good glass of wine! Whether you bringing wine to a holiday party or gifting a nice bottle to friends, family and/or client.  Why not make that purchase count! Who knows that person may fall in love with that wine and buy it year round! It can be the gift that keeps on giving!

  • ONEHOPE wine donates 50% of each purchase of a bottle of wine to one of their cause partners. Each bottle of wine has it’s own charity it partners with.  It even lists it on the bottle! Check out all the different wines here.  Also take some time to check out the gift box section.  There are many great gift packages that give back.

You can also do corporate gifting with ONEHOPE, if that is something you are interested in just ask! 

Have a B: Giving Holiday Season this year!

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