Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Inspiration – Thank you

Inspiration – Thank you

Sometimes the blog topics are hard to think of because unless it’s something I am genuinely feeling at the moment, I have a hard time writing.  Maybe it’s the time of year but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness for the people in my life lately, so today I am compelled to write about it.

To start, I want to say, B : has been a hard thing for us to explain to people.  We have a big and complicated vision, and sometimes I think the complexity of our posts can be confusing to others as to what we are trying to do here.  When Jenn and I decided to do this, we had one thing to fall back on if it didn’t pan out.  That one thing was the idea that even if no one read our blog, bought our products, or participated in our community; we would still be better for having set out on this journey.  B : was started out of a common bond over the constant trial and error of building a life we are excited to live and truly being in each of the moments we create.  The idea is that if we work on our core and embrace who we are, just as we are, that all of life’s ups and downs will become manageable.  Social media will be easier to be seen, not a feed full of things we envy.  Anxiety and depression symptoms will become manageable and some gone; even further they won’t be labeled anymore, they will just be parts of us that we accept and work around or with.  Our relationships will become stronger and healthier because we love ourselves, so we can truly return the favor.  The work we do becomes something we love, not just a means to money or things.  We learn to appreciate the desire for more but be content with where we are and what we have.  Most importantly, as we remove the negative distractions, we open our hearts to really know our priorities in life so if we don’t get to tomorrow, we know we captured all of today the way we would have wanted if we knew it was our last.

As you can see, there is so much to talk about when sharing our journey’s.  There are so many things involved in a fulfilling life, and it’s different for every person.  First you must identify what that looks like for you, one piece at a time.  From the most basic needs and most obvious priorities, like food and family to the luxuries in life, like careers and passions, there is just so much that is involved. Then there are also the things that are internal struggles like loving your body at every stage in life or staying on the ground to play with your son, even though you have this compelling need to always be “doing” something. Another internal focus can be inspiration, how you can focus on it and how it can change your life.  That’s what I want to talk about today, inspiration, so here we go.



B : Jenn on the left; Jess on the right Photography by Cassie Brehmer Outfits by Willa June Apparel + Home


People are really so intriguing.  I think it’s so interesting to get to know people and hear their different perceptions of life.  Every person I meet in life, seems to teach me something. This is something that I think I got from my mother.  I remember when I was younger, if I ever said anything bad about someone, she would always come back with something good about them.  It was very annoying as a teenager when I just wanted to vent but it really was ingrained in me and I’m thankful for the habit to always look for the good in others now.  I can honestly say that sometimes, I get overwhelmed almost to tears by how lucky I feel to meet some of the people that I have met in life or that I get to call friends.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some people that I don’t enjoy the company of, but I have learned to appreciate those I don’t necessarily understand.  Doing so gives me a sense of peace which allows me to not think about them anymore.  It’s a tricky thing to explain but for example:  Have you ever had that one coworker that you just didn’t work well with?  I did.  I would complain about them to myself, and felt sorry for me because I didn’t think they were good to others and I had to spend time with them.  I HATED that they affected me that way.  I didn’t like that I gave them so much head space and that my thoughts were so negative.  After talking through this dilemma with my life coach and a few close friends, I concluded that the only way to let them go from my mind, was to find something I valued in them.  Even those that think or do differently than us, all bring value to the world.  We need each and every conflicting personality as well as the compatible ones for the world to go around.  This one is good to remember when you are worried about others liking you… they are not all supposed to so let it go.  We need differences to create balance and solutions.  So, as I was saying before, when I finally took a moment to appreciate their good qualities and what they brought to the world, it killed some of the overwhelming negative emotions towards them and that got me to a point where I could co-exist with them.  Being inspired by others, by everyone not just those you are friends with, is a way to fend off negative emotions like annoyance or even envy.  When you are always looking for what inspires you, it’s another way to fuel your drive in life.  It energizes you, which is the opposite of what envy or any of those other feelings will do for you, the ones that just stop you in your tracks.

I am lucky to have the most inspiring people that fill my life.  B : was started because I know these people doing amazing things, and I wanted to be just like them.  The story of B : really started a few years ago, when I met a shop owner, Dee Dee, who took the time out of her day to tell me her journey to becoming the owner of her boutique that she owned with her daughter.  It wasn’t just that she owned that shop, it was that she was passionate about life.  I learned about her love for animals, family, beauty, artists, creation, food, and more.  She was caring and promoted others without expectation of anything in return.  She was willing to teach me what she knew.  Dee Dee is the reason I started moving in the direction of B :, but I had no idea at the time what it would look like, I just knew by talking to her and exploring things I was passionate about, that I was headed in the right direction.  I didn’t know what I needed, and I’m sure she didn’t either, but she was open to helping me in any way that she could.  That type of caring, was inspiring to me.  The best part, is that it wasn’t just me.  Every time, I mean EVERY time, I walk through her shop doors, she is talking to someone and listening as if they have known each other for years.  You don’t run into people like that every day.

Then there are my close friends and family.  Some of them have bigger hearts than I can even believe.  They take care of themselves and they take care of their families.  I’ve watched many of them weather struggles that some can’t even imagine going through in their lives.  Things like chronic illness and taking care of sick loved ones, loss of children, and more.  I wish none of these things had ever happened to them, but it is what was given to them and they walk through it strong and still manage to have a desire to give so much even with what has been taken from them.  I’ve watched them embrace who they are, each friend so very different.  Surround yourself with others who love themselves and give no apologies.  For me, they inspire me to treat myself the same.   Some are wonderful cooks, homemakers, executives, designers, and more.  I learn so much from them. Even the simplest of things, like my one friend who always sends thank you cards.  She remembers every birthday, kids’ birthdays, and any special event in your life.  She home makes gifts and bakes the most amazing treats and is always thinking of others.  Just knowing her pushes me to send an extra card each year and to always think of special events that mean so much to others.

Here are just a tiny bit of the people in my life that inspire me everyday!

The point is, to try and find inspiration and beauty in everything and everyone.  The world has just as much to show and teach you, as you do it.  To wrap it up, here’s just a small list of some of the things I’ve learned or been inspired by, by others.  Some will be anonymous, some not.  A few are people I don’t even know!  It’s your choice to fuel yourself and be inspired when you feel like your lacking.  Sometimes, all you need to do, is pick up the phone and call your mom or dad.   Maybe, you need an outside influence like an author; Amazon’s Audible Books is a terrific way to do that.  You can listen to books on tape in the car!  I have like 5 always on my phone so I can flip through depending on what I need for the day.   Whatever you need, I’m sure it’s out there.

Inspiration List – Thank you to everyone in my life

Even the most simple things in life hold amazing wonder — My son, Asher Berg – 18 months

Always answer a negative with a positive – Thanks mom

Thank you and birthday cards make people feel good (even if you do just throw them away)  – Anonymous Friend

Never apologize for being yourself – Anonymous friend

All good things come to those that believe – Something my dad has been saying and his mother to him; now I always say, everything happens for a reason and when it should

We all are given the same amount of time in a day, it’s up to us what we do with it.  Also, every being is beautiful and your children will never look back at an old picture and think “mom was fat or ugly”  – My best friend and pretty much sister Courtney (Courtney Pennington Photography)

You are beautiful, just the way you are.  Every single day. – My amazing fiancé Joe

Everything about you is neutral, it’s not good or bad, it’s just you.  YOU are amazing.  – Catherine, my fantastic life coach

Being vulnerable can allow you to be your authentic self – Brene Brown “The Gift of Imperfection”

Listen to your body – Cameron Diaz “The Body Book”

Everything is exciting and wonderful.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  — Anonymous friend

Being a good friend or family means saying and doing the hard stuff sometimes – Anonymous friend

You are wonderful, valuable, and perfect just the way you are – Lizzy

Being a mom is pretty damn cool and should be celebrated – My good friend Jenny from B : by jess and jenn

You can’t do everything.  Let it go.  No bullshit, you’re just not that awesome, no one is – Anonymous friend

Always try and make sure everyone feels included – My beautiful step mother Sharon

Hug everyone before you leave.  Also, you are a princess, you deserve the world.  – Ant Dobbie xoxo

No matter what happens to you, life is good – Random person at the grocery store

Allow your children to be themselves, not who you meant to be – Dr. Shifali “The Conscious Parent”

There is no job too small if it needs to get done, let’s get it done – Me

Life has distractions but if you are determined, you can do whatever you want – Both my cousin Tracy and anonymous friend

When you find that true love, hold onto them for as long as you have, and never take them for granted – Roger, old man who told me stories of his late wife at the grocery store


Of course the list could go on and on but we don’t have all day 😊  Who inspires you and how?

*Most of the authors above I discovered by listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s.  She just came out with a book, I highly recommend it.  It also makes a great book to give because it is beautiful for the coffee table!*

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