Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Three Alternatives to Coffee Creamer

Three Alternatives to Coffee Creamer

If you’re anything like me it’s the week before Christmas and you’re running out of steam. Between the Christmas shopping, holiday parties, tying up loose ends at work before a long weekend all while maintaining the household. You are TIRED!

When I am tired, I turn to my trusty old cup of joe and this week I really need it. When I make my food or drink choices throughout the day, I aim to make choices that are going to sustain my energy throughout the day. Did you know you could make your simple cup of morning coffee work harder for you and provide you with energy that last longer?

When I went on my sugar detox a couple of months ago now the first thing I had to change in my diet was my coffee creamer. Did you know that most coffee creamer has at least five grams of sugar per tablespoon? Have you ever measured one tablespoon into your coffee, it’s really not that much. Most people probably put closer to two to four tablespoons in their coffee. Now we are looking at 10-20 grams of sugar if not more! At 10 grams you are using more than 20% of your recommended sugar intake right away in the morning. The other issue here is that sugar spikes your blood sugar and you are more likely to crash sooner from the energy you just received from your coffee!

Through trial and error, I have come up with three alternatives to coffee creamer that I use to make my coffee work for me longer. Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, all of my recommendations are based off of my opinion of products that have worked for me! There are no guarantees they will work for you like they do for me, but I sure hope they do!

  1. Protein Powder Creamer

Do you know most woman struggle getting their recommended protein intake in? When I started working out and tracking my protein intake through my fitness pal I always fell short, until I started adding protein powder to my coffee.

Tip: In a shaker bottle pour 8 oz of your favorite milk; unsweetened almond milk, milk, cashew milk, pea milk etc. Then choose your favorite protein powder and add one scoop. This will make it a little thicker like creamer. Store in fridge.  I typically get three days out of this amount. Before each use shake and add desired amount to coffee!

The protein powder I love for this method is Quest Protein. They have many delicious flavors. My favorite flavor is Vanilla Milkshake.

  2.  Collagen Peptides and Half & Half

Collagen Peptides has many great benefits it is great for hair, skin, your joints and more.  It is a very important nutrient that most of us don’t realize we are lacking.  It is also an easy way to get additional protein and you know my thoughts on that. It has virtually no taste and mixed with half & half adding no sugar, it adds a frothy texture to your coffee.

Tip: Mix option one instead of half & half and Collagen Peptides together for an extra protein boost!

I have tried multiple Collagen Peptides and my favorite is Sports Research Collagen Peptides.

3.  Coconut Sugar and Unsweetened Almond Milk

If you really can’t part with sugar or  you want to make a smooth transition try coconut sugar. It has a low glycemic index meaning it affects your blood sugar less, avoiding that spike you get from regular sugar. Mixed with unsweetened almond milk or whichever milk you prefer is a great pairing.

I love this brand and it adds a toasty flavor to your coffee which is perfect for this time of year!

Tip: This option is great on ice! 

These are all options I have tried and really enjoy and I hope you do too! Part of B: is finding healthy alternatives to feel your best from the inside out!



P.S.  Did you know your coffee can give back too? Check out ONEHOPE’s Karma Blend one bag gives back “a year clean drinking water for a person in need.”

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