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Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Collagen Peptides Review

Collagen Peptides Review

This week I shared that I use collagen peptides daily in my coffee. Sounds pretty weird right? My thoughts are if it’s virtually tasteless, easy and gives me benefits to my health, why not?

I have been using collagen peptides now for almost four months. The main reason I started using them was because I heard it was great for your hair. Roughly six months after having my son I experienced a huge amount of hair loss.  Though I know this normal for postpartum, but I really wanted to do something to help speed up the process. I thought why not try this out! I’ve tried shampoos, hair masks, vitamins, and this was next on my list. I was also working out a lot and I was constantly feeling sore. I thought the benefits to your joint and ligaments aspect of this product would help with my recovery process from my workouts!

There are many collagen peptide products on the market, the two I have tried are Vital Proteins and Sports Research Collagen Peptides.

To me there wasn’t much difference in taste and ingredients. I ended up continuing the use of the Sports Research brand because I got more bang for my buck and it’s on Amazon Prime and momma likes that, I’m all about connivence!

Collagen Peptides Overview:

Collagen peptides contribute to healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, joints and ligaments.

There is roughly 35-40 calories per serving depending on the brand.

There are roughly 10 grams of protein depending on the brand.

What My Results Were:


The biggest thing I noticed were my nails! They are crazy strong. My nails have always been brittle and break off. I was a nail picker but now my nails are so strong I can’t mess with them!


My hair has started to grow back, you should see my baby hair regrowth! Now, I can’t claim that the hair growth is 100% from this product because maybe it is the fact I’m one year postpartum. I do think it helped though. I do notice my hair being shinier and stronger. Especially, as it’s getting colder it is not as brittle and dry as before. I haven’t changed any hair products since using this product.


I used to be very sore the day after working out. My knees hurt and my muscles were always super tight. I have noticed less pain in my knees. I still get stiff from working out, but I am definitely less stiff since starting collagen peptides.


I love the added protein it gives me. I drink my coffee either before or during breakfast. I have noticed that I stay fuller longer in the morning with the additional protein. I’m always hungry, so this says a lot!

Those are a few benefits I have experienced. I am not a professional and all my comments are based off of how this product has worked for me. I love sharing what works for me, in hopes it will make others feel better!

Happy Saturday!

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