Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

5 Ways To Follow Through With Your Goals

5 Ways To Follow Through With Your Goals

In honor of the new year and new resolutions set.  I am sharing five ways to stay your path to achieve that New Years resolution or any goal set for yourself.  I need all the motivation, guidance, reminders and support I can get to reach my goal.  Here are a few tips that have helped me with some of my greatest accomplishments!

  1. Write your goals down.

When you have a new goal ready to achieve write it down somewhere you can see everyday.  This will help keep your goal in the forefront of your mind, so if you see an opportunity throughout the day to get you closer to your goal you won’t miss it!  I jumped on the bandwagon late but I just got an Alexa for Christmas try creating a “goal list” and have Alexa read it to you every morning. Cheesy but motivating!

2. Tell someone close to you about your goal.

Being vocal about your goal helps you hold yourself accountable.  Once the goal is out in the universe it becomes your reality.  Ask that person to help motivate you and hold you accountable to achieve that goal whatever it may be.

3. Set up milestones and reward yourself.

Goals take time and sometimes the journey can seem long and never ending.  Set yourself up with milestones.  Once you hit those milestone reward yourself! Maybe it’s buying that shirt you have wanted but you couldn’t justify the cost, a nice dinner out, teeth whitening etc.  These rewards will help make you feel successful on the way to winning your race.

4. Create a vision board.

I know this step sounds silly but creating a vision board of your end goal will help, I promise.  Whether it’s how you see yourself in a year at work, a fitness goal, books you want to read, travel goals.  Create a vision board with images that motivate you to reach that goal.  Pinterest is a great tool for this, create a “2018 Vision Board” and start pinning!

5. Set realistic timeframes.

I may be one of the most impatient people I know.  I want instant gratification so sometimes when I set goals I set myself up to fail because I don’t set a realistic timeframe.  If you set a goal for yourself that is going create a big change in your life or create a new lifestyle this is going take time.  Setting up those milestones will help you not give up when sometimes you may feel like you will never reach your goal.

Good luck with all your goals, resolutions and never forget to B: true to you on your journey!

You got this!

Your friend,


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