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7 Easy ways to change your home with the season

Changing your decor with the seasons can sound expensive and possibly overwhelming but there are some simple touches that can change the feel but not break the bank. It’s a great way to bring the outside in and create a welcoming environment. In the summer, you want your interior to feel bright like the outdoors, and in the fall the cozy colors of the trees outside give all the feels inside. In the winter, a warm inside fights the feelings of some of the dreary days and in spring the bright colors make you feel alive again after such a long hibernation!

It’s definitely not a necessity in life but when you spend a lot of time at home or enjoy having guests over often, it’s the perfect way to create an extra welcoming space for you and your guests and spruce things up throughout the year. Plus when it comes to entertaining, you don’t want the table to stand alone with decor so it’s important that there’s enough small touches around the house to pull everything together. What’s nice, is if you decorate for each season/holiday with small changes, it doesn’t feel like too much and then if you do host a dinner, all you have to worry about is the table because everything else is already done.

I like to go all out for Christmas but even then I don’t like things to look or feel cluttered so simple touches is most often all I do. As always, my first piece of advice is to acquire things over the years. Get just enough the first year to tie everything together and then you can add or change as the years go on. Plus I also enjoy buying some more expensive quality items when I feel necessary so it’s easier to do when you are only grabbing a few items. Spend a little more on one single item and you’ll find it unique to other homes as well as typically lasting years to come. For today’s blog, I’ll use examples from my fall seasonal change.

Here are 7 easy things you can change with the seasons that gives big feels with little stress:

  1. Dining room centerpiece – This year, I actually just used our fruit bowl and added some white mini pumpkins. A past favorite is just filling it with apples and pears of the season. I love functional decor.
  2. Throw pillows – I have a neutral living room. What I love about that is it doesn’t take much to make a big impression. This year I added just one pillow to bring in a pop of fall color but still very subtle.
  3. Tables in area of welcome – The entryway has a muted orange pumpkin candy dish and the top front hall has a few white stuffed pumpkins.
  4. Decorative baskets – I have a basket in the living room filled with string balls, I switched those out with neutral colored string pumpkins. The throw blanket basket, got topped off with a light brown throw, to warm up the look.
  5. Front steps – Just a few mums and yellow hardy flowers, a scarecrow and pumpkins my kids picked out and VOILA. You don’t have to go over the top to make it look good, although I do love a good over flowing front step. A good trick, if you like summer yellow flowers, get ones that are hardy into cold weather and they can double for summer and fall decor.
  6. Fresh Flowers, greens, or natural elements inside – This is a must for me! I have some greens that somehow survive but I also add season appropriate colored greens that replace the ones I inevitability kill ha ha no green thumb here. Also, just like real pumpkins indoors (don’t carve or they won’t last), I love birch wood, spruce tips, or olive branches depending on the season.
  7. Use real food for seasons scents, specifically in the fall/winter – Baking is always a nice way to add a touch of the season into your home but it’s not something you might do every day so try a trick one of my close friends will do. Boil mulling spices on low during the day or when you get hone from work. You’ll create a beautiful fall/winter scent without the candle or work of baking. You can try different spices too!

Most of the decor is focused in the main living spaces or entertaining spaces of the home. The kitchen usually just has new candles with scents that go along with the season and then the bathrooms and bedrooms and play rooms stay untouched. Unless however, if it’s Christmas, because I just don’t hold back. Let me know what you do to change your home and why you do it! If you try any of these tips, please share and tag what you do. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Bring in the colors from outside