Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

Simple food, present mind, and passionate heart

We’ve baked too much during quarantine and might just pair some wine with it!

We’ve baked too much during quarantine and might just pair some wine with it!

So this has been a new and crazy experience for all of us! I hope everyone out there is making it through this quarantine the best you can, just like we are doing. I’ve actually found the whole thing to be pretty emotionally confusing. Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for what and how I can learn and grow from this all. I’m trying to remember to be thankful for my health and family and everything we are so lucky to have, like a roof over our head to take shelter under, that others may not have. Then there are many times I’m overwhelmed with heartbreak for people on the frontlines, the families experiencing loss, others at high risk who are scared, our economy, and even a little heartbreak for myself because this shit is crazy and a lot to take in! During the day however, I have to keep my mind focused on what I can do to keep these kids entertained and living somewhat of “normal” life! We’re getting outside when we can, getting creative with toys we forgot we had, and getting in the kitchen every moment we can. That’s where the baking comes in. It’s a fun activity that everyone loves, although you may have to get a crane to bust me out of this house when all is said and done. I don’t think we have stopped eating since this all started and I don’t really have any plans of stopping!

In our house, food is the answer to everything. There is just something so magical about food and creating it, especially creating it together. So through this time, like I said before, we have turned to baking and cooking often. I recently read an article by a mother in Italy going through this crisis before us. Her message to other mothers, was to heed the warnings immediately and to take the time to cook everything you’ve never had the time to do! I took her message and ran with it. You can find the article here, please be prepared to cry.

While baking is a great activity to keep the kids entertained, at the end of the day, all I need is a nice glass of wine, brownies just won’t cut it during quarantine. That’s why I thought it would be fun to share the links to some of the things we’ve made, but even better to give pairing ideas to go along with them! I mean, why have just a cookie when you can have a cookie AND a nice glass of wine! These times are unprecedented and while you may have never thought about pairing your wine with your sweet treat just for fun, you’ve also probably never imagined working from home, with your kids, all while wearing your PJ’s 7 days a week, right?!?!?

Baking is delicious

So here they are! Remember, every bottle of ONEHOPE gives back. I have a fundraiser going on donating to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Relief Fund until April 30th, 2020 {Click here} If you have recipes we should try making, leave it in the comments. If we make it, I’ll try to get it on here with a pairing because again, WINE NOT?!?!? 😉

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Basic Recipe from Nestle – Paired with our Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. You can also try just a basic Pinot Noir if you don’t have ONEHOPE at home (even though you should :))
  2. Brownies – Joe made these from a box – Paired with our Vintner Merlot. Again, feel free to try with another merlot that you have at home.
  3. Strawberry Muffins – Recipe from – Asher swore that he loves Strawberries now, so we bought a ton and come to find out, he was not so interested until we turned them into muffins. Yum! – Pair this with our Vintner Sparkling Rose, perfect for Spring!
  4. Banana Blueberry Oat Bake – Recipe from – This was another great find on pinterest and perfect for brunch with the girls. Serve it hot with a little Chobani reduced sugar madagascar vanilla yogurt and sparkling glass of Vintner Brut. Top your glass off with a few extra blueberries for looks!

Whatever you are doing to stay sane during these crazy times, keep it up! There is no rule book, and there is no one doing it right or wrong! Some days we lose it and some days we kick the days ass. This is tough and a first time for everyone. It’s going to look different every day and we are all going to make it through this stronger! Happy baking and tasting!


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