Wine and Gifts by Jess

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Why shop with me?

My goal is to help pair YOU with the perfect wine and have the biggest impact on a non profit that you choose.  I can place your orders for you when you don’t have time and make sure you never run out of wine.  I’ll also be here for every and all questions you have about wine!  This is not an experience you can get at a liquor store and you definitely won’t have the chance to give back like you can here.  Send me a message or click the link above to check out our wines and gifts.  We have wines in the cellar too so always check back or reach out if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Fundraising Opportunities

Do you want to raise money for your favorite non profit?  Maybe your child’s school, class, or Girl/Boy Scout Troop? Send me a message and let’s make a plan.

Every bottle of ONEHOPE gives back to multiple non profits all over the world, and if we work together, you can give an additional 10% back to a charity of your choice too!